Board Members

Monte Abell
Monte AbellPresident
Monte has been President of the PHAE Board of Directors since the planning stages. Monte is employed by Farmers National Bank in Phillipsburg as Senior Vice President. He holds a B.A. in Business and Economics and has been involved in the banking industry since 1975. His favorite things about Prairie Horizon are the people involved and the positive impact the plant has on the Phillipsburg community.
Denis Miller
Denis MillerSecretary
Denis has been with PHAE since its’ inception in 2003. He graduated with a B.S. degree in Accounting from Fort Hays State University. Denis is a partner at Mapes and Miller CPAs with offices in Norton, Phillipsburg, Stockton, Quinter and Wakeeny. Notably active, Miller also serves as Chair of Fort Hays’ Foundation Board of Trustees, is a Fort Hays Alumni Board member, serves on numerous KSCPA committees as well as his involvement in our local Chamber, Main Street, Rotary and the First Christian Church.
Dan Heinze
Dan HeinzeTreasurer
Dan has been with Prairie Horizon since 2006 as a representative of the Morgan Foundation. Dan is owner and agent with Mid-America Real Estate in Phillipsburg, KS. He is actively involved in the Phillipsburg community and enjoys playing golf and visiting children and grandchildren in his spare time.
Calvin Schemper
Calvin SchemperBoard Member
Calvin has been a part of PHAE since the start! Calvin has served on numerous Prairie Horizon committees including the water and risk management committees. As a farmer/rancher much of his life, Calvin knows the value of hard work and commitment.
Rick Jarvis
Rick JarvisBoard Member
Rick has been a part of Prairie Horizon since its inception. He has served on several PHAE committees including the Purchasing committee, Research and Development committee, Risk Management, and Scientek. Rick attended a vo tech at a young age, drove truck for almost a decade but has farmed a majority of his life. Rick is a member of the Phillipsburg Airport Advisory committee.
Lloyd Culbertson
Lloyd CulbertsonBoard Member
Lloyd was an original board member and treasure when the concept of an ethanol plant was envisioned. He worked with the other board members with the fund raising and the construction of Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy LLC. Lloyd left the board for four years and then rejoined the board. Lloyd is a graduate of Wichita State University with a degree in business and finance and is an Airforce Veteran. He is currently President of the First National Bank & Trust in Phillipsburg.
Rodger VanLoenen
Rodger VanLoenenBoard Member
Rodger is one of the original board members. He was active in the early fund raising activities and has served on various committees including risk management and water. He received a BS in Business Administration from Kansas State University and is President of Farmers State Bank in Phillipsburg. He is also engaged in farming and ranching in Phillips and Norton Counties.
Jeffrey Levin
Jeffrey LevinBoard Member
Jeffrey’s bio is soon to come. Check back!
Dave VanderGriend
Dave VanderGriendBoard Member
Dave VanderGriend is CEO of ICM, Inc. Since the inception of PHAE, ICM has held a seat on the board. In 1995 Dave founded ICM with the goal of advancing renewable energy using efficient, streamlined methods that sustain agriculture and reduce waste. ICM has since become the ethanol industry’s leading provider of process technology, which has been integrated into more than 100 plants worldwide. In 2012, Dave founded the Urban Air Initiative, a non-profit organization that is focused on educating the general public on the benefits of ethanol and taking regulatory steps to get the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to recommend the use of ethanol and improve our air quality.